Use OpenAI's GPT-3.5 (the technology powering ChatGPT) to interrogate a knowledge base built from 18,393 Pitchfork reviews. Aframe will surface insights and references for your personal music discovery.



Note: Interacting with LLMs takes time. Patience, Daniel-son.

Example Prompts

  • Introduce me to ambient music
  • How did Frankie Knuckles impact music and culture?
  • Give me a 20 song playlist inspired by David Mancuso's party, The Loft
  • Dissect Radiohead's Kid A
  • What is the history of the Roland TB-303?
  • Tell me about music that incorporates NASA mission sounds
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Wondering where the AI's insights come from?

For clarity and trust, we've provided direct links to the relevant Pitchfork reviews here, guiding you directly to the original content.